Printsess Lilian

Welcome to BDSM Estonia Studio! This place is for you, if you are an adult interested in domination, submission, discipline, punishment, masochism, bondage and / or erotic role play.

Our dungeon in Tallinn is the only one in Estonia. It is equipped with everything you need to fulfill your most secret fantasies. We highly value safety and discreetness.

Princess Lilian will treat you as one of Her royal subs. How does She do that? Come and feel the arousal stemming from Her high heels or leather whip between your thighs. She is a Dominatrix who enjoys being worshipped by submissive men / slaves. She loves erotic BDSM and roleplay, total power exchange and age play. She is into kinky people, crossdressers and fetish people. She understands the essence of submission.

Politely request for a session and you will get an answer:

Domina Frankie

Domina Frankie’s hand can be harsh or gentle. She will find your borders, push them and turn the borderline into pleasure. You can dance on the rope and She will catch you if you fall. She will cure your horniness while you lie in the gynaecological chair, She can be a school teacher to a bad boy, so hot and so cold that you cannot make a difference which is better…

Through humiliation and pain you will experience pleasure more internse than you have ever known. You will obey Her orders and whims with no objection and you are happy when your Mistress is happy.

Politely request for a session and you will get an answer: